Qualcomm Snapdragon | Dare to be the first, 5G extraordinary mobile experience begins

  • ### Forerunner: The courage to explore the unknown, first enjoy the fun of innovation #### Dare to be first, it is a wonderful experience. As a pioneer, you have extraordinary courage: challenge the unknown, not fear of failure. No one understands, it doesn't matter, what really matters is your vision, your beliefs. You are so focused and don't stop because of anyone. In the face of doubt, you always dare to be the first person: explore the unknown, open up new possibilities, meet the challenge with a unique perspective, and you will be involved before the future. When people enjoy the fruits of your creation, you have already started the next journey. For you, this rhythm is an appealing appeal. ### Qualcomm Snapdragon: dare to be the first, open wireless possible The history of Snapdragon began with the prediction of Qualcomm 20 years ago: Smartphones not only show mobile phones to consumers, but each mobile terminal can become a powerful computer. As a pioneer, Qualcomm launched its first Opteron chipset in 2007. Since then, we have continued to break through the boundaries of wireless technology and have achieved an unimagined mobile experience. Taking the lead in connecting mobile phones to the Internet, we opened the era of mobile internet: First to support the birth of the world's first Android mobile phone; to take the lead in breaking the trend and launch the world's first commercial Gigabit mobile platform; the first to support 10-bit 4K HD video Shooting, let people capture the excitement of life with billions of colors; first to support the first indoor spatial positioning six degrees of freedom and instant positioning and spatial positioning (SLAM) technology to achieve a more free mobile XR immersion experience. In 2017, on the occasion of its birth ten years, Snapdragon was the first to launch the world's first mobile product supporting 5G, and announced the true arrival of the 5G era. ### Take the lead in using our dreams to achieve your dreams Foresight, first, first, we create the first opportunity for you. Thanks to the pioneers who are with us, you pay attention to every breakthrough of Qualcomm Snapdragon , and embrace the progress brought by technological innovation. With curiosity, you first started the "intimate contact" with the mobile Internet, using intelligence. Mobile phones have opened the door to the new world; you are the first to start with more "smart" mobile terminals, and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of smart connected life. Every “first” created by Qualcomm Snapdragon becomes an extraordinary experience in your exploration and practice. Standing on the mobile technology to bring great life and fun to life, we will continue to walk with you, take the lead in using our dreams to achieve your dreams, let you dare to be first.

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