IoT Product Release: Next Generation Automotive Development Platform

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    To help automakers bring highly differentiated and customizable in-car experiences to all tiers, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ automotive development platform (ADP) based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Next generation processor features integrated heterogeneous computing, high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and scalability with a unified software framework. It supports higher levels of computing and intelligence needed for advanced capabilities featured in next generation vehicles, including highly intuitive AI experiences for in-car virtual assistance, natural interactions between the vehicle and driver, contextual safety use cases, immersive graphics, multimedia, computer vision, premium audio, advanced wireless technologies, extraordinary camera capabilities, entertainment, and more.

    The Next generation Snapdragon™ processor is armed with the best of the proven heterogeneous compute technologies, including the multi-core Qualcomm AI Engine, Qualcomm Spectra Image Signal Processor (ISP), fourth-generation Qualcomm Kryo Central Processing Unit (CPU), Qualcomm Hexagon Processor, sixth-generation Qualcomm Adreno Visual Subsystem, and more. Essentially, these technologies inside the platform are designed to deliver immersive graphics, multimedia, computer vision and artificial intelligence capabilities. The new platform also offer comprehensive software support for Android, LINUX, QNX, Greenhills, and other high-level and real-time operating systems individually or in multiple combinations enabled by industry-leading virtualization SW architecture — providing flexible and scalable software solutions to support engine control unit (ECU) consolidation, and diverse multi-display app rich ecosystems and novel and intuitive experiences.

    The Snapdragon Next generation processor offers many advantages:

    High performance computing with AI is enabling new intuitive vehicle experiences

    + New AI personalized experiences- using artificial intelligence and computer vision
    + Contextual safety – more computer vision, camera and AI workloads
    + Stunning visual & audio - more displays & speakers, and multi-mode machine interfaces using AI

    Heterogeneous SoC architecture with virtualization is addressing vehicle domain consolidation

    + Convergence - instrument cluster, infotainment, intelligent cameras & driver monitoring
    + Multi-OS architecture – Linux, QNX, Android, Integrity
    + High concurrency- Advanced Concurrent Operations
    + High performance/concurrency-Partitioning algorithms across heterogeneous engines for more work to be done per clock cycle
    + Power efficiency-Matching each algorithm to appropriate processing engine to do more at lower power
    + Lower cost-Integrated solution, reducing the number of components and minimizing the need for wiring and cooling systems
    + Real-time support-Hypervisor support and customized engines to meet latency-critical requirements

    Scalability with unified software framework is delivering rich in-vehicle experiences to all tiers

    + Scalable, module architecture – Addressing all tiers
    + Unified software framework – with highly differentiated features

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    @Charles said in [IoT Product Release: Next Generation Automotive Development Platform](/myforum/post/37):
    > @45IOT How long does it take to ship ?

    Time is still uncertain, can now be booked……

  • @45IOT How long does it take to ship ?

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